Did you know that you can simply approach your respondents from your own target group right here at Survio. There are over 7 500 000 people from 50 countries in the world available. Make an online questionnaire, address your respondents and watch how the responses to your survey are being collected. Everything is done simply, quickly and for a fraction of the price you would spend for classic survey with interviewers.

Survey + Respondents + Analysis = Complete service

Survio is not only a tool for designing online questionnaires, but also allows you to carry out  market survey including addressing selected respondents followed by analysis of the results. Survio provides complete service – administration, management and data processing for market surveys, public inquiries, customer satisfaction surveys and conducting questionnaire’s researches around the world! Try how easy it is to purchase your respondents.

Option methods of respondents segmentation

  • Demographic – country, region, gender, age, education, employment status
  • Household characteristics – marital status, number of children, children’s age, personal income, household income
  • Employment – company size, industry, working position
  • Transport – car access, motorbike access, the purpose of air travel
  • Other – glasses, contact lenses, smoking, use of mobile phones

Target groups examples

Women aged 25-30 from London using smart-phone, have no children and work in leadership positions.
College educated men from the Germany owning a car, childless, 50 years plus.
Divorced women and men aged 30-40 with a high income who work in management positions.
Students up to 20 years of age with car access who wear glasses and live in a household of 3 or more members.

… and many more. Everything depends on your survey needs and what do you want to focus on.

Who needs to get respondents?

Anyone who is interested in getting information from consumers, prospective customers or clients. Anyone who wants to analyse the market situation not only in USA or Germany. Typical examples of market research and consumers views are:

  • How do customers evaluate our new product?
  • What would be its ideal price?
  • What do you make of our latest advert? Do you know our company?
  • How many prospective customers live in that particular region?
  • Do we offer the right services/do we sell desired goods?
  • What are the trends in our field?
  • and many others…

Thanks to Survio everyone can manage to

  • carry out his/her own survey in a simple and high-quality way,
  • do his/her own segmentation – select a target group,
  • simply address thousands of people = recruit respondents
  • download answers and go through preliminary results

You can design your questionnaire within few seconds, collecting responses takes place in few hours.

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