We have recently updated and added new features into the survey designer, optimized question icons visualization and added two new question types. Let’s hope you will like it!

New Survey Question Type: Star Rating

This is a single choice question, where answers are being represented by stars. You can have 3-10 stars scale. This question is really simple to create, understandable, automatically evaluated and looks good in your survey!

New Survey Question Type: Places with autocomplete

This is a variation of text question (open ended). But you can let your respondents enter their addresses and places easily and in consistent manner. It is really easy now to enter street, city, region or state for the respondent – with visual check on the live map. Owner and survey creator will have results in the form that can be evaluated.

How to use it?
  • let respondents enter their home address
  • let respondents enter the place where they work
  • let respondents enter their wishes and suggestions where should you place your event

Single choice question visualization

From now on, you can set how you want to display answers: in a single column, in a row or in a drop-down menu.

Question Box Redesigned

We’ve get rid of mouse over bubbles with description and placed it directly under the icons. You may notice 2 rows and bigger icons which should be more readable and user friendly for less experienced users.

Ant the best news is that it is not all! We are working hard on more interesting and demanded features. Do you have any tip or wish? What should we add, what feature or function are you missing?

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