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Education & Training

Feedback from students can be a very important source of information for teachers and instructors; it does not matter if they give this feedback in a short survey or a longer questionnaire. You can find out things that people usually wouldn’t tell you in person, such as, how much the students understood the subject, what they really think about the schedule of education and the educational methods used. It can also be valuable to obtain feedback on the verbal and nonverbal behavior of a teacher or if any social lines were crossed. Education and Training Surveys are not just for teachers. Heads of schools or educational agencies can also need to obtain quality feedback information, for example student satisfaction, bullying or in fact any common social behavior such as diet or health in schools or training facilities. It is important to maintain contact with graduates who can answer such questions as:

  • It is important to maintain contact with graduates who can answer such questions as:
  • Did you miss anything during the study that could have been important?
  • What were the experiences you had during study that really helped/hindered you?

Teachers and trainers can use collected data for: Design a modification of class structure. Finding new ways to explain a subject. Improving their presentation skills.

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Non-profit organizations

Are you an association, public service organization, church, religious society, nadation or other non-profit?

  • Are you applying for a grant or an investment? Are you interested in knowing how members of your community or the general public interact with your organization?
  • Make yourself an online survey that can be easily distributed to your audience.
  • Evaluation of collected responses would be the last step in your own non-profit research. But be aware of the fact that it wouldn't be the last step in the whole project regarding public and your non-profit relationship.
Education & Non-profit Surveys

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