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Simple Facebook Surveys

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Facebook and Surveys

Social networks are now one of, if not the most important channel for communication. Registration is free and you can invite anyone, from your friends and family, to your colleagues or acquaintances. It’s easy to use and the possibilities are endless. Every day the number of new users on social networks increases, therefore your scope for response is quite literally limitless.

Facebook surveys

The most popular and wide-reaching social network is Facebook. Over 900 million people around the world already have a Facebook profile (as of June of 2012). Other popular social networks are Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Through social networks we can share our opinions, ideas, photographs, links, articles, videos and other media. We can also keep up to date with what our family, friends and others do and like. Thanks to mobile internet and smartphones we are never far away from accessing our beloved social networks, anywhere and anytime 24/7.

How can I use social networks and social media surveys to my advantage?

  • Are you planning a birthday party and have no idea what date and time will work best for your friends and family? Why not ask them with a short questionnaire? You can also canvas other information, such as: What they would prefer to eat and drink or if they are willing donate to the cost or even come dressed in a costume.
  • Do you want to go on holiday and have no ideas for a destination and which travel agency you should use? Why not create a survey and let your friends, family and followers help you. You can specify the type of holiday and just wait and see what recommendations you receive. The data you’ll get will more valuable as these people know you and what you might like. Who knows, with some great tips, you may not even need a travel agent after all!

Whether you only need to do a little research or create a wider survey, on Facebook, Twitter or on other social networks. Survio social network surveys are a great solution and easy too!

How to create a Facebook Survey easily?

Register. Use prebuilt survey template. Promote your survey on Facebook easily.

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