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Transform your medical facility into a more patient-centered, cost-effective, and competitive organization, ensuring its long-term success and sustainability.

  • Increase patient loyalty and overall satisfaction
  • Enhance operational efficiency of your facility
  • Boost staff performance and morale

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Why patient surveys?

Implement patient feedback to closely align your services with their needs. Discover opportunities to introduce innovations that will further distinguish your services, foster a positive reputation and drive continuous growth of your facility.

Healthcare quality

Surveys provide direct feedback on patient care, highlighting areas that need attention or improvement.

Example: responding to requests related to catering services leads to a more comfortable stay and a better patient experience.

Workflow optimization

This feedback uncovers process inefficiencies and suggests potential remedies to enhance service delivery.

Example: implementation of an online checkup scheduling system can significantly reduce waiting times and increase patient comfort.

Staff training and development

Surveys identify areas where staff may benefit from additional training or support to ensure the highest performance or expertise.

Example: effective communication skills allow medical staff to clearly explain established diagnoses and treatment options, which positively affects patient satisfaction and confidence.

Innovations and service expansion

Observing industry trends through surveys helps in introducing new services, driving revenue, and setting you apart from the competition.

Example: mobile health services (e.g. vaccination campaigns or preventive screenings) will increase the visibility of your facility and attract new patients.

Over 70% of patients ask for recommendations before changing their healthcare provider.

Patient satisfaction surveys

Increase loyalty and trust of your patients. Use their feedback to expand services and set new standards in healthcare excellence that will drive your facility’s growth and success.

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Other types of patient surveys

Patient registration form

Expedite patient registration process and get accurate data on patients’ health condition.

Schedule appointment form

Optimize your facility's scheduling efficiency and enhance patient accessibility.

Patient safety survey

Identify patient’s concerns to reduce safety risks within the healthcare environment.

Patient engagement survey

Involve patients in prevention to reduce the risks of complications during their recovery.

Learn how to effectively conduct a patient satisfaction survey.

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Post-discharge surveys

Gain invaluable insights into patient hospitalization experiences, identify opportunities for enhancing post-care support, and reduce readmission rates.

Main benefits

  • Refine post-discharge processes
  • Foster the culture of patient-centered care
  • Improve operational excellence

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Find out why our customers choose Survio as a reliable feedback solution for their business.

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Health outcome surveys

Systematically assess and enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments and interventions to get crucial data on patient recovery, quality of life, and satisfaction with care.

Main benefits

  • Improve clinical practices and treatment protocols
  • Tailor patient education and preventive measures
  • Focus on effective interventions and reduce healthcare costs

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A marketing manager, account manager and HR specialist.

Survey creation is straightforward and simple. Easy to navigate as a survey creator as well as a survey respondent. Quick to make unique surveys tailored to your and your company's purpose.

Linda W. Marketing manager

It is very easy to navigate through the website and the product itself. It allows an intuitive way to organise one's research, order questions, apply branding and other useful features for feedback collection.

Chris D. Account manager

I've been able to design multiple surveys in just a few minutes. I'm particularly excited about the data collection, analysis, reporting & exporting capabilities, which are critical to my success as an HR.

Liam J. HR specialist

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