Click on the Settings in the main menu in your survey editor.

You will see these basic survey settings options:

  • Multiple submissions – when ON, you can collect multiple responses from more people from a single device (pc, smartphone). Example: students in a classroom can answer the survey on teachers' computer. 
  • Question auto scroll – very useful feature especially for respondents who use mobile devices that saves a lot of clicks and makes survey submission a piece of cake. It helps you get more questions with less effort. After a respondent answers a question, new question automatically appears - no need to click the Next question button. Single choice question types are supported only. 
  • Return to previous questions – you can forbid return to previous questions to your respondents so they cannot go back and change their mind. 
  • Question numbers – turns ON / OFF automatic question numbering.
  • Social share buttons – there are Social networks icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on Exit page for simple survey sharing. Respondents can help easily spread the survey so you can get more responses fast. These settings are applied only on custom Exit page which could be enabled only for customers having BUSINESS or ELITE premium packages. 
  • Survio advertisement – the premium feature which can turn OFF a survey footer with the Survio logo. 
  • Redirect respondents to a website – a premium feature that enables redirection of all respondents to your e-shop, website or blog right after the survey submission. You can offer a discount, say a personal thank you or award respondents for their time and effort. 
  • Survey language – changes the language of the survey, which affects survey system texts like default help texts, button and warning messages texts.

Warning: You must translate your questions in the survey for yourself. Survio is not an automated translator for your content.

Tip: The basic setting of answers (responses) collection can be found in articles - Activation / Deactivation of Response Collection and in Availability of the Survey. Activate new response notifications on email or Slack. For advanced users, we have created a tutorial for Adding Custom Data Into Your Survey using URL parameters. Connect Survio and Google Analytics and get marketing metrics you always wanted.