There are use cases when you need to hide your surveys from the public. Typically internal employee assessment or performance evaluation surveys should be kept private within the organization. Secure your survey with a password and let it access just those people who have the password.

1. Click on the Settings in the main menu in your survey editor.

2. Scroll down to the Security section. Turn the Password protection switch to ON.

3. Enter your password or use the built-in password generator.

4. It is important to test your survey. To do that, click the Preview button in the top menu.

5. If you see this locked page, your survey is protected by the password.

6. Do not forget to tell your employees (respondents) the right password. 

Tip: It is also possible to restrict access to the survey only for specific IP addresses. We recommend you to leave this setting on your administrator. It is necessary to point out that this restriction is not a 100% sure. Nowadays there is a lack of IP addresses, so many companies can work under one IP address, therefore there can be people who can randomly get to your survey even in case you feel that it is protected by IP.