Custom URL variable / GET parameter is a way how to push your own data to the survey. You can pass data such as Order ID, Customer ID, Country, Language, Sex, Name or whatever you need.

Warning: This is an advanced feature. We recommend that you delegate these setting to the programmer or to the company administrator with enough expertise.

1. Click on the Settings in the main menu in your survey editor.

2. Turn the Custom URL parameters ON.

3. Create names of parameters.
You wish to add the customer ID, then you would have just one parameter with name ”cust-id” for example.

4. This parameter is added to the survey URL address:

5. Now, this is where your programmer or admin automates the process of filling the parameter “cust-id” with real customer IDs. It is usually connected to CRM or mailing services.

6. Example of a parameter with the real customer ID:

7. When everything is set, TEST it. You need to be sure that the survey is collecting your data!

8. To see the results check your Analytics and find the last question P1 cust-id.

9. Your created parameters will be added as new columns in your XLS file with individual answers (cust-id in our case).

Tip: We recommend that you delegate these settings to programmers or admins. It is very hard to make it work without expertise, connection to your systems and access to your own data.