Our designers have created pre-built color themes that apply to survey background, texts, form elements and buttons with just one click. It is also possible to use survey background image.

It is not possible to edit colors or select fonts. The current system allows you to generate hundreds of combinations which maintain perfect readability and survey usability. You can be sure that your surveys will always work on all devices and respondents will submit them effortlessly.

1. Click the Brush icon on the right in the survey editor.

2. Select a pre-built color palette that you like in the COLORS tab.

Color palette will be immediately applied to all survey pages (Welcome page, Pages with questions, and if you have active premium services – your Exit page will be changed as well).

3. Do not be afraid to use Inverse themes, the surveys are always perfectly readable.

Tip: Always pay attention to the contrast of texts and backgrounds. If you have a dark background you should always select an inverse palette with white text and vice versa. The legibility of the questionnaire and its usability is more important than vivid colors. Do not forget that the main goal of your survey is to collect as many answers as possible.