All survey pages have the same background and color theme. It is not possible to set a unique look for every single page separately.

1. Click the Brush icon on the right in the survey editor and then on the tab BACKGROUND. Select the violet background as seen on the image.

2. To have better readability it would be great to have question texts in white. Click on the tab COLORS and choose the inverse violet theme.

3. If you wish to upload your own background image, activate BUSINESS or ELITE premium services first. Click the big + icon in the BACKGROUND tab.

4. Search the image on your computer and wait for the upload.

5. If there is a problem with texts readability, Survio will automatically apply darkening filters and sets contrast text colors. Dark image filter can be changed in the image settings - click the gear icon.

6. Choose the gray filter for example. Try all combinations and find the best one, it is fun :-)

7. Background now looks cool, but white texts are not readable. Go back and click the COLORS tab where choose different color theme

For this example grayish background the best theme with perfect contrast is the black one.

8. Backgrounds can also be blurred in several steps.

9. If you no longer want to use your own background, deactivate it by clicking on the shutdown icon.

Tip 1:

  • Recommended background image file dimensions are 1600x1200px or 1600x900px. 

  • Supported background image file formats are JPG and PNG. 

  • Maximum image file size = 2 MB. 

Tip 2: Always pay attention to the contrast of texts and backgrounds. If you have a dark background you should always select an inverse palette with white text and vice versa. The legibility of the questionnaire and its usability is more important than wild colors. Do not forget that the main goal of your survey is to collect as much answers as possible.