After you finish creating your survey in the editor, it is then the right time to start collecting responses or (answers). Survio does not provide respondents, we do not have a database of people who want to fill in your surveys.


It can be your customers, clients or friends. 

Warning: We strongly recommend that you test your survey before you send it to people. Be sure that your survey functions correctly, contains everything you want, and that there are no grammatical errors in it.

1. Click on the Get Responses in the main menu.

2. The first option you will see is a link to your survey.
Click the Copy button to copy the link onto the clipboard and then send the link to your target audience (respondents) via e-mail. 

3. One of the most preferable ways of sharing surveys is to use Facebook. You may also use Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and VKontakte. Simply click on the icon and follow the instructions.

4. E-mail invitation application helps you:

  • Send survey invitations to thousands of e-mails with just a few clicks.

  • Sets automatic reminders to get more responses. 

  • Identify the respondents' identity (collected responses will have respondent e-mail addresses so you know who responded and how they responded.

  • Get valuable marketing statistics of your invitation campaign.

This invitation campaign application is very popular among business customers because it automates a lot of processes regarding mass response collection and saves a great deal of effort.

To start using E-mail invitations, you need to activate BUSINESS premium services. We have created more detailed survey invitation campaign tutorial in our blog.

5. Surveys can also be added to your own website, e-shop or blog. Click the Get the Code button.

There are three embedding methods: 

  • A survey button - when people click on it, your survey is opened.

  • An i-frame - you can directly add the survey to your website content.

  • A pop-up window - when people open your website, a pop-up window with the survey is opened automatically.

6. You can print the survey if needed. Survio has created an attractive PDF file with a blank survey. Print it and venture outdoors and collect responses from people - on the streets, in hospitals, etc.

Then, you can come to your computer and re-write collected paper surveys to Survio using your link (the same way as your respondents would do). Note: Survio does not support mass upload or import of data.

Next,  you will see your results, charts and graphs.

7. QR code – is a function which creates QR code image containing your survey URL address. You can print the code and place it in your shop window, use it for outdoor advertisements or on billboards, etc.