1. Click the hamburger icon in the top menu anywhere in the application. Then go to My Account.

2. Open the Integrations tab.

3. Choose a service you want to connect Survio with from the list of available services.

  • Slack is free to use for all users. 

  • Google Sheets is available in the PERSONAL plan

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are available in the top most premium ELITE plan.

4. If you see the switch in the YES position, it means that Survio is connected with that service. There, you can also see the activation date.

5. The switch in the NO position means that you are not connected to that service.

Connecting Survio to Google Drive

It is necessary to activate ELITE premium services first.

1. Click the switch and wait for the pop-up window.

2. Log in with your credentials for Google Drive and authorize Survio to upload  your data to Google Drive.

3. Google Drive is now connected to Survio, the switch should be in the YES position. 

Synchronized: Last upload: Never - means that there has not been an automatic backup of your survey data yet. This backup is done once a day, (during the night). When your data is uploaded, there will be a date of your last backup visible.

Tip: Integrations of OneDrive, Google Sheets and Dropbox work on the same principle as described in this article. Turn the switch to the YES position, the pop-up window of that service then opens, and you must give Survio the authorization to upload the data, then the process is complete.