1. To manage your account, click the hamburger icon anywhere in the app, then click on My Account.

2. You can change:

  • Name, Surname, telephone number.

  • System language (application language).

  • Newsletter e-mails.

  • System notifications, (we recommend that you DO NOT turn this off, we only send important messages about your account status - expiration, exceeding the limits, etc.).

  • Password.

3. The Billing tab provides information about your account, including invoices to download, auto renewal or expiration date.

Warning: You cannot change the registration e-mail (your login) for yourself. If you need to change it, please contact our customer support.

Tip: When contacting our customer support, always provide us with the URL (the address you send to your respondents) of any of your surveys. It will help us to locate your account faster and you will gain access to it sooner.

URL address example: