We strongly recommend that all customers use a credit card to pay for premium services. It has many benefits:

Some customers, such as companies, schools or nonprofit organizations might not be able to pay direclty with a credit card, and for these we may issue a proforma invoice at their request. Private customers are also able to request a proforma invoice if it is necessary. 

The proforma invoice can only be issued:

  • on request - contact our customer service directly,

  • to ANNUAL / BI-ANNUAL premium plans - STANDARD, ELITE or Survio BUSINESS,

  • in the currencies EUR and CZK. We are unfortunately unable to process proforma invoices in other currencies than these. 

Warning: This purchase is a manual process taking more people involved, so it may take several days before you have the premium services available! Our customer care team is unable to speed up this process. 

Recommendation: If you need to activate premium services immediately, please pay directly with your payment card or PayPal through our payment processor cleverbridge AG.