To access Survio's premium features, you need to subscribe. Here is how you do it: 

1. On the main page of your account, click the Upgrade button

2. From the price list, select the plan that suits you best - PRO, Standard or Plus, and choose a subscription length. You can select a monthly or annually recurring subscription. Businesses might interested in our B2B solution Survio PRO

4. Click Continue and you will be redirected to the storefront where you enter your payment details. A discount code can also be applied here, in case you have one at hand. 

Click Subscribe to complete your purchase. 

5. Your premium services are available immediately after the purchase has been completed. Your subscription status, response limit, and your invoices are avaialble on your profile settings, under the option Subscription & Billing. 

You can also purchase a subscription on behalf of your company. Just click the corresponding option in the checkout page.