Free Online Surveys

Free Online Surveys

Survio helps you create surveys very quickly and easily.
Simply send it to your chosen audience and let Survio do the rest – collect data, sort it and make a professional report.

  • Build your online survey quickly and easily
  • Send it to your respondents fast
  • See the real-time results immediately
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The main advantage of professional online research is that you will get deeper knowledge about your respondents like:

  • Demographic criteria: sex, age, family situation or nationality

  • Geographic criteria: place of residence, city size

  • Psychographic criteria: nature, social class and lifestyle

  • Socioeconomic criteria: career, income, education or spending

Why is it so important to stay informed? Know your market!

To achieve company success there are many factors, information being the most necessary. Then you can plan your business, marketing, distribution and other activities, changing the goals and strategy of your company where necessary.

  • what are your potential and current customer’s needs
  • what are their likes and dislikes
  • how satisfied are your business partners
  • what are the market trends with suppliers and competitors
  • what is the markets' potential or saturation

This leads to more customers, increased orders, return customers,increased turnover and higher profits.

If you ask your customers, business partners and others to fill out a survey, don’t hesitate to go deeper. It is much better to send one longer survey than many short ones.

Free Online Surveys

3 tips for your survey

Feedback provides valuable information not just for big health care institutions, but also smaller clinics or professionals with private practices. You can ask for example about a patients satisfaction with:

  • It is advisable to keep your survey short and simple, but still ask the right questions and present them logically.
  • To reach a higher rate of responses you could offer a gift for filling-out the survey. A small gift for each respondent. A gift for few first respondents. A larger gift which can be awarded at random.
  • If you decide to offer a gift in return for a response, don‘t forget to inform the respondents. They should be informed of the terms and conditions you wish to apply to this offer.
Free Online Surveys

Survio is a nimble and easy-to-use online survey software

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