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Healthcare & Patient satisfaction

One Indian proverb reads: A healthy person has many wishes, but a sick person has only one.

  • Personal feedback (interview): for some people it could be uncomfortable to give feedback about visit and its services in person, especially in cases where their experiences were negative. The patient loses anonymity and cannot be sure if the data will ever reach a person of authority. They may also be worried about information being lost or distorted.
  • Feedback via questionnaire: printed and electronic questionnaires are anonymous and give a patient enough time to express their thoughts clearly and in hindsight at home. They are easy to fill-out and easy to deliver to an authorised person with no fear of information loss or distortion.
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Online surveys give you the opportunity to evaluate data in closed and half-closed questions and present them in well-arranged graphs exportable to PDF. For more detailed evaluations you can easily export the data to XLS and CSV format and import them to Excel or other sophisticated statistics software. Everything is easy, quick and costs less than in printed form.

What and who can you ask about?

Feedback provides valuable information not just for big health care institutions, but also smaller clinics or professionals with private practices. You can ask for example about a patients satisfaction with:

  • Booking in advance
  • Time spent in the waiting room
  • The nurse’s attitude or behavior
  • The doctor’s attitude or manner
  • Surgery procedures

You can also ask patients what could make their next visit easier or more comfortable.

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Surveying hospital visitors

The patients are not the only ones in contact with health care institutions, there are family members, close personal friends or guardians. These people can give you answers to questions outside of the usual scope of a patient interview:

  • Did or do the visiting hours work well for you?
  • Is your awareness of the health condition and treatment you receive sufficient?
  • Is there something which can be done to make waiting for an operation more pleasant?

Thanks to the use of a short survey you can get great ideas about how to help your patients get through a difficult time in their lives or obtain data for preparing deep marketing research in otherwise forgotten areas of a health service.

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