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Student and school Surveys

Need to canvas your college or survey your school? Or need to collect some respones? Start here!

Student Surveys

Weather your chosen field of study is sociology or even sports you will be sure to need a simple way to tackle your research so that you have more time to focus on how to present your results.

With our online survey system you can get all the information you will ever need quickly and easily. All you need to do is to prepare the questions, possible answers and you can have your survey ready in just a few clicks. Your survey will be created to your exact specifications and will accommodate any field of study or question type. Moreover requests for filling out your surveys can be sent to specific e-mail addresses or shared on Social Networks.

School survey

You will have the full rights to the data after a respondent submits a survey. You can work with it online via your Survio account or simply export it to XLS or CVS format for a more detailed evaluation using statistical programs. A nice feature is that incorrect, incomplete or empty surveys can easily be disabled or discarded.

What should you think about when preparing your survey?

During the process of survey planning you have to think about these key items:

  • What’s the purpose of your survey?
  • How do you want to use the data?
  • Who is your target group?
  • When do you need the data?
  • How detailed should your survey evaluation be?
  • Your survey budget?

Target audience

To obtain valuable data you have to pay attention to survey planning, question creation and identification of your target group and the characteristics of its members. Will you ask each and every member of your target group and carry-out comprehensive research? Or are you planning just to ask just a few peers or friends?

  • Comprehensive research: This kind of research is very time consuming and potentially expensive. You ask all members of your target group. The more members your target group has the more the survey will cost.
  • Incomprehensive research: You only ask a few members of your target group. The data will apply to this select group only. If you need a wide range of accurate data from the target group you have to choose the right respondents and then use statistical methods such as estimation or hypotheses to establish a result.

How to create a student survey easily?

It's so easy. Sign-up, use survey template or design your own survey. Few examples:

  • University Student Satisfaction Survey
  • School cheating survey
  • Bullying Survey
  • Continuous Education student survey
  • School canteen/dining consumer survey
  • School Newspaper Surveys
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