Types of Surveys

What types of surveys there are and how to use them at best? Get inspired here.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Get to know your customers better or find out how satisfied they are with the products and services you offer. Let your customers know they are important to you and they will come back to you again and again.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Help you obtain crucial internal information regarding the feelings, opinions and preferences of your employees. It is quick to identify problems in your workforce and devise suggestions for improvement.

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Market Research Survey

Market research through online surveys is a great method for comparison between the products and services of your competitors and those of your own. Be as objective as your customer by using their feedback.

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Tomas / Customer CareTomas / Customer Care

Net Promoter Score® Survey

The best way to gauge the efficiency of a company's growth is to take the percentage of customers who are promoters and subtract the percentage who are detractors. Measure your Net Promoter® Score easily!

Event Planning Form

Online forms are often used as a quick way for people to register or confirm attendance to planned events. You can easily place a registration form on your web page and monitor the interest, number of guests, etc.

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Healthcare Satisfaction Survey

Patient Surveys are a must for hospitals and clinics. We all want to be sure that in case of illness, accident or need of aesthetic plastic surgery somebody will take care of us.

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Education & Non-profit Survey

Online surveys are popular among students. They tend to use the responses in their seminary work or master diploma theses. An understandable document could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

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Personal or Social Surveys

Through social networking we often search for others online who have similar interests. You can easily find friends or others who have the same hobby. Ask them about their favourite films, pastimes, holidays, etc.

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