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Adrenaline activities popularity survey


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Do you like adrenaline activities in general?
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Do you ever watch extreme sports on television?
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How often do you take part in adrenaline activities?
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Have you ever tried any of the following?
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No, but I plan to
No, I would never try it
Bungee jumping
Bouldering / Wall climbing
Downhill mountain biking
Kiteboarding / surfing
Skydiving / parachuting

Please list your favourite extreme sports below:
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How far do you normally have to go from home for an adrenaline sports experience?
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Can you practise your preferred extreme sport at home or must you travel abroad?
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Do you like to consume energy drinks?
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What equipment do you most often use?
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What clothing do you like to wear for most sports?
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What do extreme sports offer that other sports don't?
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Have you ever given anyone a gift voucher for adrenaline activities?
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