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Airline Passenger Satisfaction Survey

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1 Gender:
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2 Age group:
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3 Which of the following describes you best?
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4 Tell us how important of the following was in making your decision to use our airline:
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Very important
Not at all important
Departure and / or arrival time was more convenient
Flight had fewer stops or better connections
Air fare was better
Frequent flyer program
Inflight services are better (meals, movies, flight attendants, etc.)
Ground services are better (ticketing, baggage handling, check-in, etc.)
Personal preference for
Travel agent / company travel department recommendation
Aircraft preference

5 How often do you fly?
Required answer

6 Please indicate how long you waited in line:
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Didn't Use
No Wait
0-5 min.
6-10 min.
11-20 min.
20+ min.
Aircraft boarding
Boarding gate counter
Security check point
Express baggage / seat check-in counter
Ticket counter
For baggage at my destination

7 Please rate the price of ticket for the trip you are taking:
Required answer

I was planning this trip to this destination at this time regardless of the fare
I was planning this trip on another airline, but switched to "airlines" because of the fare
I was planning this trip with no particular airline in mind and selected "airlines" because of thefare
I was planning this trip at a later or earlier time, but changed my plans to go now because of the fare
I was planning to drive or take the bus / train to this destination, but decided to fly because of the fare
I was not planning to take this trip at all, but decided to go because of the fare

8 Please rate the in-flight service on "airlines":
Required answer

Availability of flight attendants
Courtesy of flight crews
Appearance of flight crews
Pilot's communication with passengers
Quality of food and drinks
Overall service level

9 Please rate the aircraft flown at "airlines":
Required answer

Space for luggage storage
Comfort of seating
Seating arrangement of aircraft
Cleanliness of aircraft
Noise level of aircraft

10 Please tell us what can we do to improve:
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