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Auto Buying / Lease Survey

Dear Sir / Madam,

thank you for visiting us. By filling out this 5-10 minute survey, you will help us obtain the very best results.

1 What is your gender?

2 Which category includes your age?

3 What was the most important reason for shopping at our dealership?
Required answer

4 Did you buy or lease your new car?
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5 Please rate the following aspects of the vehicle delivery:
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Was the Owner's Manual explained to you?
Were all operating controls explained to you?
Did we have thoroughly inspect the vehicle?
Was the exterior clean and undamaged ?
Was enough time spent with you at the delivery time?
Were all your questions answered at the time of delivery?
Was the delivery of your vehicle a pleasant experience?
Was it delivered with all the features promised?
Was the vehicle's maintenance schedule explained to you?
Were all the terms of the warranty explained to you?

6 Please rate the following aspects of our sales staff:
Required answer

Not at all
Handled your purchase in a professional and timely manner
Worked as a team to best satisfy you
Made you feel comfortable
Made you confident that this was the right vehicle

7 How satisfied were you with the process used to determine the trade-in value of your previous vehicle?
Required answer

8 How likely would you be to purchase or lease another vehicle from us?
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9 How comfortable were you with the way the we worked with you to arrange the final price, and financing for your new vehicle?
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10 What could we do to improve our service?
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