Band concert planning survey

Band concert planning survey

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Use the questionnaire template for concert planning and get all essential information from the performers to comfortably and effectively prepare the entire event.

The survey sample is ideal for

  • festival and concert promoters,
  • event agencies,
  • organizers of cultural and social events.

Do you organize concerts or festivals? Save yourself the demanding and lengthy calls with individual band managers. Ask them to fill out the survey, in which you will first find out whether the band is free on the specified date. At the same time, you can ask about the conditions and other requirements according to which you will submit a draft contract. Present yourself as an experienced promoter. Keep full control of each of your events and strive for the maximum satisfaction of performers as well as fans and visitors.

The questionnaire template can be fully edited. Survio will process your answers into well-arranged tables and graphs.

Music band concert planning questionnaire template


Please take a few minutes of your time to fill in the following survey.

1. How much are you looking forward to the performances?

2. How many VIP reservations will you require?

3. Will you bring your own instruments?

  • Yes

4. Are you planning to stay after the concert?

  • Yes, But i'll find accommodation myself
  • Yes, please find me accommodation
  • No

5. Will you be bringing your own sound engineer?

  • Yes
  • No

6. How long will you be playing for?


7. How much sound check / warm-up time will you need?

  • 30 minutes max
  • 60 minutes max
  • More than 60 minutes

8. What are your requirements for refreshments both before and after the concert?


9. Would you like to write a few words to the audience? Please write below:


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