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Eating and dietary habits survey


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How many times a day do you eat?
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Please answer the following according to your particular eating habits?
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I eat a good breakfast
I experience feelings of hunger during the day
I eat meat
I eat vegetables
I eat fruit
I eat dairy
I eat sweets

What meal would you consider to be your main meal of the day?
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What does your main meal consist of and how is it prepared?
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What does your main meal on the weekend consist of and how is it prepared?
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Have you been avoiding some foods for health reasons?
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Do you have any particular food allergies?
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What is your weekly food intake frequency of the following food categories?
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Several times a day
Once a day
Several times a week
Less often
Sweet foods
Salty foods
Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables

What percentage of your regular diet consists of meat and meat products?
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How much of your diet consists of vegetables and non-animal products?
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Do you or have you ever had cholesterol problems?
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Do you know your current BMI (Body Mass Index) index?
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