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Garage services evaluation survey


Please take a few minutes of your time to fill in the following survey.

1 How long did it take you to get through to the service centre?
Required answer

2 Were you offered the following additional services?
Required answer

I don't remember
A temporary replacement vehicle
Pick-up and delivery of both your vehicle and the replacement
Other additional services and customer care

3 Did the service centre finish your vehicle on time?
Required answer

4 How would you summarise your overall level of satisfaction with the ordering of services?
Required answer

5 To what extent would you agree with the following statements regarding your service?
Required answer

I strongly agree
I agree
I disagree
I strongly disagree
I felt at all times that i was a valued customer
The mechanic immediately recognised the fault
I was fully informed of any potential risk or abnormality associated with repairing the problem
I was fully informed about the details associated with the repair
I was pleasantly surprised by the range of services which the mechanic was able to offer upon my arrival at the service centre
I was properly instructed about the risks of leaving valuables within the vehicle during servicing

6 Whilst waiting for your vehicle to be serviced, what made you most comfortable?
Required answer

7 Were you kept informed of new developments during the service?
Required answer

8 Do you agree with the following statements regarding the hand-over of your vehicle after repairs were completed?
Required answer

All replacements and repairs were explained in detail
The mechanic took me through a short test drive to prove the success of the service

9 How would you rate the overall quality of the facilities and of the service provided?
Required answer

Please mark; 1 - Excellent, 5 - Worst.

The quality of repair/s
The speed of the repair/s
The customer service provided by the staff
The pricing and billing of the repair/s

10 What surprised you?
Required answer

11 Would you improve anything about the way we conduct repairs and servicing?
Required answer

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