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Gynecological Health patient satisfaction survey


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Which method do you prefere to use to arange an appointment?
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Are you satisfied with booking an appointment in person at our office?
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On avarage, how long do you have to wait to be examined?
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0-20 minut
20-40 minut
40-60 minut
60+ minut
With an appointment
Without an appointment

How satisfied are you with our nurses?
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Which of our Doctors last examined you?
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Please select the appropriate rating for your Doctor against the following statements:
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Please mark 1, as exellent and 5, as the worst

The Doctor acts professionaly at all times
The Doctor is attentive and responds to my needs
The Doctor is always discrete
The Doctor is friendly and has a good manner
The Doctor always provides me with all the information i need

Does our Practice provide a sufficient ammount of privacy?
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Are you satisfied with the medicines prescribed by our practice?
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Please state your age:
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What could we change or do better next time? Please tell us in your own words:
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