Recruitment Satisfaction Survey

Recruitment Satisfaction Survey

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Do HR employees do quality work in your company? Use a questionnaire template of satisfaction with the admission procedure for work and check their quality.

The survey sample is ideal for

  • employers,
  • HR specialists,
  • heads of human resources departments.

Ask the candidates themselves to evaluate the course of the admission procedure and the level at which they were presented with information about the offered position, focus and structure of the company or its visions and goals. The survey will also assess the professionalism of your HR employees and you will find out which elements or approaches to improve in the process of finding new employees. Get an overview of where job seekers are coming from and save on ineffective advertising costs.

The questionnaire template can be fully edited. Survio will process your answers into well-arranged tables and graphs.

Job recruitment questionnaire template

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please take a couple of minuets to fill out this survey to outline some valuable information about how you came to hear about us and your first experiences cooperating with us.

1. How friendly was the receptionist when you arrived at our office?

  • Extremely friendly
  • Very friendly
  • Friendly
  • Unfriendly
  • Not at all friendly

2. How did you first learn about the job opening?


3. How professional was your recruiter at our company?

  • Extremely professional
  • Very professional
  • Moderately professional
  • Slightly professional
  • Not at all professional

4. How knowledgeable was your interviewer about our company?

  • Extremely knowledgeable
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Knowledgeable enough
  • Knowledgeable to a point
  • Not at all knowledgeable

5. How clearly did your interviewer explain the job details to you?

  • Extremely clearly
  • Very clearly
  • Clearly enough
  • Not clearly enough
  • Not at all clearly

6. How clearly did your interviewer explain our recruitment process following your interview?

  • Extremely clearly
  • Very clearly
  • Moderately clearly
  • Slightly clearly
  • Not at all clearly

7. Did you feel that your recruiter spent too much/little time speaking with you?

  • Much too much
  • Somewhat too much
  • About the right amount
  • Somewhat too little
  • Much too little

8. How quickly did your recruiter reply to your e-mails?

  • Extremely quickly
  • Very quickly
  • Quickly
  • Slowly
  • Not at all

9. In a few brief words what would you do to improve our recruiting process?


10. Overall, were you satisfied/dissatisfied with our recruiting process or don't hold any reservations about it?

  • Extremely satisfied
  • Moderately satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • No reservations
  • Slightly dissatisfied
  • Moderately dissatisfied
  • Extremely dissatisfied
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