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Smoking survey


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How do you prefer to smoke?
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Have you ever tried an electronic cigarette?
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What do you smoke?
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How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
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What is your favourite brand of tabacco?
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How often do you smoke?
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How much money do you spend each month on tobacco products?
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Please answer the following points according to your personal smoking experience?
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Partly true
I enjoy smoking
It calms me down
It's expensive
It's a part of my life

To what extent do you agree with the following
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I agree
I tend to agree
I tend to disagree
I disagree
There should not be smoking in restaurants
There should not be smoking at bus/ tram stops etc.
There should not be smoking in all public places
Smoking is still 'In-vogue' (Fashionable)
There should not be smoking in the workplace

Do you want to quit smoking?
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Please write down all the different cigarette brands you can think of, off the top of your head:
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