JM Stakeholder Survey 11 2023

Stakeholder survey on the materiality of our environmental and social impacts

November 2023

JULIUS MEINL is a leading company in Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe. Its business focuses on coffee, tea, and ancillary products, with coffee being the most important and largest category.

Founded in 1862, Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world and an iconic Vienna coffee house brand. Dedication to quality has been a family trademark for five generations. With 160 years of experience in sourcing, blending and roasting, Julius Meinl is a preferred coffee supplier for Vienna’s leading coffee houses. Today Meinl coffees and teas help create meaningful moments for customers and consumers across the globe, and are sold in over 50,000 hotels, coffee houses and restaurants in 70 countries, plus a growing  number of retail outlets.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your insights are valuable in helping us enhance our sustainability practices. Environmental and social issues are having an impact on how we are doing our business now and in the future.  Regarding the expectation towards JULIUS MEINL by our stakeholders, we kindly ask you to help us focusing on the most relevant environmental, social and governance topics.

The rating will only take a few minutes of your time. All information is anonymized. 

How to do the evaluation:

• Please let us know which stakeholder group you belong to 

• For each of the topics presented, pls let us know how important it is for you - as a representative of your organization or group – that JULIUS MEINL addresses these topics along its entire value chain. (Multiple choice of four levels from "No priority" to "High priority")

• Finally, we’d appreciate some additional open feedback and comments on relevant economic, social and environmental topics for JULIUS MEINL.

For any further inquiry please contact Carina Needham, Global Sustainability Director at JULIUS MEINL Industrieholding GmbH at

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