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GROW/2020/OP/005: The aims and objectives of this study are to provide substantial knowledge about the state of play and state of art of textile waste recycling on global level, and to make a clear and well-defined analysis of opportunities and challenges for the textile and clothing industry. 

The results of this study will be used as evidence base to improve the knowledge of the effectiveness and potential of existing and emerging recycling capabilities of most common fibers used singularly or in mixtures in the EU market. It will also provide an analysis of the economic and environmental effectiveness of those recycling technologies and a roadmap of the textile recycling technologies under development in order to support their industrial uptake. Finally, the study will also provide recommendations on relevant policy initiatives in order to tackle potential regulatory barriers and scale up textile waste recycling activities.

The outcome will not be a ranking of technologies as the Commission strongly believes that various technologies can be complimentary in addressing different parts and challenges of the textile (recycling) value chain and that many different technologies are needed to make the total textile value chain circular.

Your effort: In order to have a clear and full understanding of your technology and its needs and barriers to further scale, we want to follow a two-step approach. 

The first step is a questionnaire with some general questions. This will take about 20-30 min. For some question you might need to collect data yourself so it can be that you will need to fill out the questionnaire in different steps. In this way you are enabled to collect the necessary data for the more in-depth research. It is very well possible that the current state of your technology doesn’t allow you to answer all questions. This can also be elaborated in the second step.

The second step is a more in-dept follow-up meeting, either online or face to face, where the information provided through the questionnaire will be used as a starting point to further elaborate upon. This way the correct understanding of your technology and its value can be assured, and newly raised questions can be addressed immediately. This meeting will take about 1 to 2 hours depending on the information given upfront through the filled-out questionnaire. 

The better and more trustworthy the information that you provide is, the more your technology will be noticeable within the report and thus the more chance that it will be taken up by the commission as promising and worthy for the circular textile chain.

What is in it for you as a company or consortium?

The opportunity to present your technology and needs to scale to the European Commission in a direct and objective way: 

By providing relevant information to the contracting consortium about the current state of the art of your technology, your technology will be described in the report that will be presented to the Commission. As a result, barriers that hinder the development of your technology can be mapped, understood and resolved by various supporting measures and your technology can be included in guidelines on research funding and investment subsidy. The contracting consortium will identify the input and output specifications, the level of readiness, encountered barriers and possible solutions, the domain in which the technology would be of its most value, and viability and scalability of the business model. Next to this you will be given the opportunity to participate in a closing event to present your technology to a broad group of relevant stakeholders.


We are fully aware of the fact that in order to get a proper understanding of how your technology works, we ask for detailed and specific information, of which some information could be considered sensitive to share. In order to receive the information relevant for this study but at the same time making sure sensitive information is kept confidential, information will be anonymized. We can provide you on your request a confidentiality agreement. All information pointed out as confidential will be treated in such way by the consortium.  

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