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Are you coming to the Homecoming?

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Hello our beloved people of MUNI!

We are looking forward to seeing the lot you and we (as it is in our nature) plan to have a party to celebrate your return to Brno :-)

Of course, we have a venue booked (the Open Gardens), but before we get into grillin' and other party-worthy stuff, we need to know how many of you are going to come.

!!! Please, fill this in only in case that you know that you are either definitely coming or definitely not. If you fill this in and will not come, you'd take up a place of someone who would love to come – please be considerate, we have a limited budget. !!!

If you are not sure yet, you have time until 15 May to opt-in, but, and we cannot stress this enough, it will be an IMMENSE HELP for us if you'd do this as soon as possible.

In case that you had answered "No", we will stop sending you the information emails.

Do not forget to follow the FB event and the MUNI 100 webpage! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us to homecoming@czs.muni.cz.

THANK YOU for answering our question.

We are looking forward to seeing you,the Homecoming Team

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Are you coming to Homecoming?
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