ThinkTank Voting Part 2

Hey Guys, here is the second part of the #thinktank voting. A different tool now. You can vote as many as you want and rate with a 5 stars ranking. 1 for "not a good idea oder not my choice" and 5 as "i love that idea". 

#thinktank voting part 2

Idea from Joris "NeoDate Feature" Joris proposes a NeoDate feature to facilitate social dining connections, allowing users to meet new people over meals. It could be implemented through collaboration with popular partners and organized monthly events.


Idea from Jeremy Volgers "Improved Analytics" Jeremy Volgers recommends enhancing analytics by adding quick questions to the in-app review screen and sending out email questionnaires, collecting valuable user data for potential partners.


Idea from Jonathan Steuns "Google Reviews Integration" Jonathan Steuns suggests integrating NeoTaste user reviews with Google reviews, increasing their value for restaurant owners and improving SEO.


Idea from Moritz Ferstl "Automated Partner Emails" Moritz Ferstl proposes automatically sending a congratulatory email to partners when they go online, ensuring consistent communication and support.