Consumer Behavior and Cultural Context Survey

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.


How often do you return a product?

Select the frequency of returning a product.

Rate your satisfaction with the returns process from 1 to 10.

Rate the return process based on your satisfaction level.

What factors influence your decision to return a product?

List the factors that play a role in your decision to return a product.

Which cultural influences impact your shopping preferences?

Select the cultural influences that affect your shopping preferences.

Rate the importance of cultural factors in your purchasing decisions from 1 to 10.

Rate the significance of cultural factors influencing your purchasing decisions.

What type of products do you often return?

Specify the type of products that you frequently return.

Do you consider cultural appropriateness when making a purchase?

Indicate whether cultural appropriateness affects your purchase decisions.

How does your cultural background impact your shopping habits?

Describe how your cultural background influences your shopping habits.

Rate the influence of cultural traditions on your product choices from 1 to 10.

Rate the impact of cultural traditions on the products you choose to purchase.

In what ways do cultural differences affect your return decisions?

Explain how cultural differences play a role in your decisions to return products.