Survey about chocolate consumers

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.


Do you like dark, milk, or white chocolate?

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Rate your overall satisfaction with chocolate consumption on a scale of 1 to 10.

Please rate your satisfaction level with consuming chocolate, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied.

What is your favorite chocolate brand?

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How often do you consume chocolate in a week?

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What motivates you to purchase chocolate?

Please select all factors that influence your decision to buy chocolate.

How important is fair trade certification when buying chocolate?

Please indicate the level of importance you place on fair trade certification for chocolate products.

What is your preferred form of chocolate?

Please select the form in which you most enjoy consuming chocolate.

Have you ever tried artisanal or craft chocolate brands?

Please select if you have ever experienced artisanal or craft chocolate brands.

How likely are you to recommend your favorite chocolate brand to others?

Please indicate how willing you are to recommend your favorite chocolate brand to others.

Share a memorable experience you've had related to chocolate.

Please describe a special or unforgettable moment that involves chocolate.