Survey on identity checks by the police in Freiburg.

Dear participant,

My name is Brian Bundi Kaburu. I am a member of the BIPoC * group Freiburg and 

I have been researching about police brutality and racial profiling in Freiburg. For this purpose, I created this survey with the help of friends to get a more detailed picture to this matter. Unfortunately, it is often the case that racial profiling and police brutality are dismissed as individual cases and there is no or hardly any statistical data on them.

Our goal is to get an overview of the situation in Freiburg and to unmask and address the issue of racial profiling. This survey includes a total of 50 questions; 21 multiple choice questions and 19 open-end questions.

Trigger warning: Some questions can be retraumatising. We would therefore like to encourage you to take good care of yourself when compleating the survey. Please feel free to stop the survey at any time incase some questions arouse much emotional pain or for other reasons

. If you want, you can also contact the Self Care Safe (r) Space of the BIPoC * Group Freiburg via Instagram, Facebook or email, but you should be aware that this is a self-created empowerment room for those faced by racism and it is not a professional psychological support space.

The average time to fill up the questions for this survey is around 10-30 minutes, depending on your experiences with the police. Inorder for us to anaylse the Survey successfully, it is important that you fill out the all the questions appropriately with the exception of the optional questions that are marked as such and mandatory questions that you cannot answer, you answer under the answer category "Other" with an X as an answer).

The survey is anonymous, your details cannot be traced back to your person. However, we would reserve the right to use the results for activisim, research and awareness-raising purposes against Racial Profling. With your participation you agree to this.

Thank you for the participation.

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