Competences for Student Support and Engagement

Dear potential participants,

please take a moment to fill in the basic information to participate in the project Competences for Student Engagement Support under the patronage Unicomm.

By filling this form you consent to the processing of personal data. The event organizer reserves the right to choose participants. 

Chosen participants have to join all 6 parts (90min each) on these days: 

Tue 16. 4. 2024,

Tue 23. 4. 2024,

Tue 30. 4. 2024,

Tue 07. 5. 2024,

Tue 14. 5. 2024,

Tue 21. 5. 2024, from 8:30 to 10:00.

You will receive a reward of €350 for participating in all lessons.

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