Fusion Day - input

November 5 the Diversity and Inclusion taskforce organizes Fusion day. A day to get to know each other in a different way.

What is your background and how does it affect your daily and life?

We want to fill the day with interesting talks, informative presentations and foods and activities from your (cultural) background.

We need your help!

Fusion day questionnaire

Did you save the date already?

November 5th will be the day to blend in: the first Nikhef Fusion day!

* The Fusion Day is a "mandatory day in". Like the Jamboree, it is a day off work but at Nikhef. Getting to know your colleagues and their backgrounds makes it easier to understand each other and to cooperate in an understanding way.

Fusion day questionnaire

The day will include informative sessions but also activities and food that represent YOU! What can you contribute to this?

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Can you describe your plan?


Do you need budget, help or anything else to make your plan work?


How can we reach you?

To get in touch we will need your email address. We will only use this for this Fusion day and no future events.
Fusion day questionnaire

Can we ask you for help on our informative sessions?


If you answered yes on the question above, please fill us in on any info you can give us

Don't forget to include contact info
Fusion day questionnaire

We want to get to know the Nikhef community.

Are there any groups or communities (e.g. PhD council, LGBTQIA+ groups, postdocs) we need to get in touch with to include in this day? Please let us know. Don't forget to include contact info.