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Don't Part Without an Open Heart - Documentary trailer questions

What is the trailer/documentary about?

You could sum it up with keywords, or write a few sentences. The more specific, the better.

Would you call yourself a Christian?

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Are you interested in talking about such topics (such as faith)?

The more stars, the more interested

Why are you (not) interested in such topics (as faith)?

Please explain your answer

Do you often feel like you're the only one who thinks about and wants to discuss these topics?

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Do you feel more connected to people when you talk with others about these topics, even if they have different views?

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Do you think there's enough attention given to discussing and sharing thoughts on topics like life and faith?

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What topics would you like to see more of in the final documentary?

What kinds of topics or things do you personally care about and would you like to see more (and in what way). In keywords or a few sentences.

How do you feel about the documentary including experiences from your own culture and other cultures, like Dutch (Nederlandsk) culture?

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On which platform could you imagine and would you like to watch this documentary?

For example; streaming devices, social media, special (school) events, etc.

Are you interested and would you like to be informed when the documentary is finished?

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