Survey about Vidracarias and Serralherias

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Could Vidracarias and Serralherias end due to the lack of glass specialists and skilled labor?

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Would a glass specialist with qualified labor stop selling products with labor involved?

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What are your expectations when working exclusively with glass installation labor?

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Should the supplier take responsibility for material sales, project design, and customer warranty?

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Define a specific question related to prices and valorization in the context of Vidracarias and Serralherias.

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How important is effective management in Vidracarias and the pricing strategy?

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How do you believe the valorization of glass specialists can impact the industry?

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Add a question related to pricing and valuation in the context of Vidracarias and Serralherias.

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In your opinion, what actions can be taken to enhance the management of Vidracarias and improve pricing strategies?

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Rate the importance of valorization activities for the development of Vidracarias and Serralherias.

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