How concerned are you about COVID-19?

Dear meeting planners,

In these challenging times, Kongres Magazine is trying its best to provide you with the most relevant and useful information regarding the spread of COVID-19. With the goal of attaining direct feedback from meeting planners, we kindly ask you to fill out a short questionnaire and help us understand the situation better. Your anonymous answers will help the meetings industry greatly.

Gorazd Čad

Editor in ChiefKongres Magazine

What type of meeting planner are you?

Where is your company based?

How many events do you organize every year?

How many events have you cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19?

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How concerned are you regarding your business due to COVID-19?

What do you think are your chances of getting sick with Coronavirus?

Which statement best reflects your opinion about meetings at this moment?

How would you describe your company's reaction to the outbreak?

In the event of an office closure, how will you handle local employee working?

How is work handled when an employee is quarantined or in self-imposed isolation (but not infected)?

To minimize exposure to COVID-19, has your company taken action to curtail business travel?

What alternative event formats could we use?

Please write your suggestions

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What are the biggest risks for your business? (you can select multiple answers)

Can you guestimate how much your profits will decrease in 2020 because of COVID-19?

In these hard times, we need:

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What is your most trusted source of information about COVID-19?

Tell us your thoughts on the COVID-19 situation and its impacts for the meetings industry.

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