Kitman Labs Nutrition Platform

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.

Kitman Labs Nutrition Platform

What would be your preferred method of inputting body composition data? (e.g. excel file/IRFU body comp dashboard/inputted directly to a platform?)


What body composition measures outside of sum of skinfolds would you like to platform to have? e.g. Muscle girths - please list which girths. Please note %BF will NOT be an option.


If the platform were to have the ability to display graphs, what metrics would you like them to be able to display?

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The current nutrition dashboard template will display the average weight of the player, the average skinfold, weight and skinfold trend graphs, and a nutrition consultation overview (see example screenshots on email). What would you like to dashboard to display? Please explain if you would not like any of the above and/or if there is anything missing which should be displayed.


Were you happy with the current dashboards nutrition note keeping options (general notes which can be seen by others on the dashboard, and a private notes section which you can allocate to share with others)? If not, please explain your preferences in the note keeping space.


Which metrics do you think should be privatised i.e. weight/skinfold data? Who should have the ability to see this information?


Please provide a list of who you would like to be able to share your nutrition notes and actions with i.e. Provincial Doctor/AP coach/IRFU nutrition team etc


The current categories available on the private nutrition notes section are 'AIm, Background, Plan, Relevant Medical History, Dietary Assessment' and a tick box stating whether the athlete was 'present/not present' and traffic light system of the 'outcome' (See screenshot on email) What boxes/categories would you like to be available on the nutrition notes section when completing consultations if different or instead of the above?


Please provide any other feedback/ideas for the nutrition platform


Name and Province/Team