Educational internships


Football Development Institute creates opportunities for football Specialists to go on educational internships in many European countries. Observing the work of the coaching staff, the operation of the sports department or the Academy, as well as other departments at the Clubs, allows you to broaden your horizons and acquire new knowledge.

We organise internships for the following Specialist roles:

▶ Management

▶ Strategy Specialist

▶ Administration Specialist

▶ HR Specialist

▶ Sports Director

▶ Academy Director & Youth Training Coordinator

▶ Head Coach & Assistant Coach

▶ Fitness Coach

▶ Goalkeeper Coach

▶ Mental Coach

▶ Analyst

▶ Scout

▶ Physioterapist

▶ another role in the sports department

▶ Communication Specialist

▶ Marketing Specialist

▶ Internationalisation Specialist

▶ Finance Specialsist

▶ Sales Specialist

▶ Legal Specialist

▶ Compliance Specialist

▶ IT Specialist

Filling out the form starts the procedure for preparing a personalised offer, tailored to the criteria you have provided.

By submitting the completed form, you agree to the procedures and terms of cooperation.

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