Welcome to the survey!

 By answering the questions you will help me enormously with my graduation project. Thank you very much in advance and let's get started quickly! So why this survey? Technology is developing rapidly and is becoming more and more seamlessly intertwined with our lives. Imagine a world where spaces adapt to your needs and desires, where everything you need at any time is shaped around you by virtual reality. Because this technological development is a large part of my project, I would like your opinion on this. Thank you for your participation! it is completely anonymous and safe.

Vision of an Adaptable Virtual Reality World

What would a moving and fluid world (that behaves like virtual reality) look like that adapts to your wishes and needs?

try to imagine it, what shape(s) does it take and how are these flowing spaces connected to each other?

How do you imagine the transition between different spaces would take place in this fluid, virtual reality-like world?

for example, how could these changes feel smooth and seamless?

How do you think the space you're in will seamlessly adapt to different tasks and needs throughout the day?

For example, describe how the space changes from a workplace to a relaxation spot. how would the space change, what would this look or feel like?

How do you think these adaptable and fluid spaces would be connected to each other?

try to imagine it and imagine how these spaces would be connected to each other

what do you think the view through a window will look like?

for example, would you see the outside world as it is now or would you see moving, flowing divisions that represent the seams between different spaces