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Customer satisfaction Karl Dose GmbH 2017

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Dear customer,

We are always striving to improve our quality of products and service, we would be very pleased if you take a few seconds to participate in our survey.

Questions that do not apply to you, you do not need to answer!

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Karl Dose Team

How satisfied are you with our products?

How satisfied are you with our customer service?

How satisfied are you with the compliance to given agreements?

How satisfied are you with our availability (via e-mail/telephone)?

How do you rate our company in view of professionalism?

How satisfied are you with our current delivery performance?

How do you rate our homepage appearance ?

How satisfied are you in general with below listed characteristis to our products?

neither pleased or displeased
overall impression

Has our performance improved,declined or remained steady?

How do you rate company Karl Dose in comparison to competing companies on the market?

significantly good
Product quality
customer service
delivery performance
overall impression

In which sections do we need to improve?

Which overall rating can you place for company Karl Dose?

At the end we are pleased to receive remarks/desires and suggestions for improvements. Please mention below.

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