Stroking arms at night while sleeping

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, bitte nehmen Sie sich ein paar Minuten Zeit, um die folgende Umfrage auszufüllen.

Survey: I want to find out why people, including myself are stroking their arms at night while holding them straight in the air at night. There is almost no research for this, so I am going to share the results on reddit! Please note: I'm German and I hope there are no language barriers. :-) THANKS for participate in this survey!

Have you experienced one of these movements while sleeping?

Choose one or more answers if you resonate with it.

For how long are you doing this movement at night?

If you know (because some one told you), otherwise select ,,I don't know''

How did you know that you're doing this?

How did you find out that you're doing this movement?

For how long have you been doing this?


Do you think your parents/caregivers gave you enough physical affection when you were a child?

PLEASE NOTE it completely depends on your personal needs, NOT that your parents said they gave there best. Have they met your needs of physical affection? As an example: You got a hug, or closeness with your parents when you asked for it, OR your parents said things like ''not now, I don't have time'' etc. You can choose more than one!

Does your current or recent relationship met your needs of physical affection?

If you aren't currently in a relationship or you have never been in one, remember a good friendship or the current relationship to your parents. You can remember (as an example) If you hug each other every time you see each other, if you hold distance to them (as an example you don't get closer than 'one arm length'). When you are in a relationship or recently have been, how does they met your needs of physical affection, as an example you're cuddling a lot, or your partner doesnt have enough time for it, or YOU pull yourself back and don't like to 'ask' for it. You can choose more than one.

How often do you have physical affection with others?

It can be cuddling, intimacy, or hugging friends.

Do you feel the need of physical affection to others?

As an example, do you feel like you want to hug someone, to cuddle, have intimacy with others etc. Choose 1

Have you ever experienced mental struggles or illness?

Have you struggled with mental illness, bad thoughts, feeling overwhelmed etc. more than others (your friends as an example) ?

How frequently do you move your body?

Are you going to the gym, doing sports, walking a lot (5K steps per day or more)...

How do you feel, when you see other people being close (hugging, kissing, etc)?

How do you react when seeing other people hugging or kissing in public (or wherever)? Does it feels normal to you? Choose one.

Do you have any addictions?

Choose one or more.

How old are you?


Whats your gender?


What resonates with you?

Are you more into -or extroverted? Short explanation: Introverts charge their 'batteries' with being alone by themselves. It gives them energy, they need breaks from intense social interactions. Extroverts getting energy from being with people and they prefer to be around people more than being alone (most of the time).

What do you think could cause this behavior at night?

Just tell me your thoughts about it or other questions you might wanna add on!