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Hello my fellow Time Travellers.

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Anonym if you feel like
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What is your overall feeling of the whole PI24.2?

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What is your evaluation of the organization and purpose of meeting series?

Check one box in each line based on what statement is the most valid for you personally and provide additional information in the following question.

Please write down your proposal for improvement or explanation from the previous question:

Please be very specific and honest :)
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How would you evaluate the cooperation of the team in specific scenarios?

Check one box for each line - provide specific cases in the following question

Please provide the details from the previous question:


Are you currently missing anything in our team? If yes, what is it.

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What would you like to discuss during the PI planning?*

The topics for now are: - PIP agenda (priorities and epic refinement) - organization agenda (how will we cooperate, how will our meetings look like, what will be new and what we want may change) Feel free to add questions also based on the points above that you want to focus on.