Parent Satisfaction Survey for Kindergarten

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.


How satisfied are you with the communication between the kindergarten and parents?

Please select the option that best describes your level of satisfaction.

Rate the overall satisfaction level of your child with the kindergarten (1 to 10)

Please rate the kindergarten based on your child's satisfaction level.

Share your feedback on the condition of the kindergarten's garden and facilities.

Feel free to provide detailed feedback on the garden and facilities.

Do children look forward to going to kindergarten?

Please share your observations on how excited children are to attend kindergarten.

What suggestions do you have for improvement in the upcoming years?

Please provide your recommendations for enhancing the kindergarten experience.

How satisfied are you with the individual educators at the kindergarten?

Please indicate your satisfaction level with each educator.

Do you have specific suggestions for enhancing the kindergarten's services or activities?

Feel free to provide detailed suggestions for improvement.

What aspects do you think the kindergarten could improve on or do better?

Please identify areas where you believe the kindergarten could enhance its operations.

Are there any specific areas where you would like to see improvements in the kindergarten?

Please specify any particular areas that you feel need improvement.

How satisfied are you with the overall experience at the kindergarten?

Please rate your overall satisfaction level with the kindergarten.