User Interview Catalog (Joelina)

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.


How often do you engage in DIY projects?

Please select the frequency that best represents your DIY project engagement.

What types of materials do you usually use for your projects?

Please list the types of materials you commonly use for DIY projects.

How often do you use applications or platforms for DIY projects?

Indicate how frequently you rely on applications or platforms for DIY projects.

Where do you typically search for instructions or inspirations for DIY projects?

Please select the platforms where you usually seek guidance or inspiration for DIY projects.

How do you gather information for your DIY projects?

Specify how you collect information and resources for your DIY endeavors.

Are you interested in exploring new sources of materials for your projects?

Express your level of interest in discovering new material sources for DIY projects.

Which type of material source would you like to explore further?

Select the category of material sources you would be keen to learn more about.

How likely are you to incorporate new material sources into your projects?

Rate your willingness to integrate new material sources into your DIY projects.

Do you feel adequately informed about the latest trends in DIY materials?

Share your perception regarding your knowledge of current trends in DIY materials.

Would you be interested in attending workshops to learn more about new DIY material options?

Indicate your interest in participating in workshops aimed at expanding your knowledge of DIY material options.