Feedback Survey

Hi Ondro, 

we're excited to gather your insights and try this 360-degree feedback process, thanks you are being part of it! This is a great opportunity to gain insights into how others perceive your work and behaviors and compare it with you point of view.

The feedback will come from various people you work with, providing a comprehensive view of your strengths and areas for improvement from their point of view. 

The feedback is a great way of getting a reality check and understanding how people perceive you. Remember, it is a tool to support your development. The summary we provide will help you understand different perspectives and guide your growth. You won't have access to direct results or comments, ensuring the feedback remains anonymous and unbiased.

Please keep in mind that this feedback represents subjective perceptions and is just one point of view. Use it to reflect on your development journey and decide how you want to work with it. 😊 🚀

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