Patient Bill of Rights

By: Emily Mae Plotnick

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Patient A needs a skin graft. The patient has explained that it is against there beliefs to receive any body structures that are not their own . In order to maintain considerate and respectful care, provided in a manner consistent with their beliefs what should the surgeon do?

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Patient B is your nieces kindergarten teacher. He has come to see the doctor today for what sounds like herpes. According to the patient bill of rights and HIPPA it is crucial that this information is kept confidential between the patient and health care provider. What would NOT be an acceptable way to handle the patients diagnosis.

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When a medical assistant ensures that their patient knows the name of the physician prescribing them what human right are they ensuring the patient can exercise?

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Patient C is a judge from Texas. She has no medical background and knows no medical terminology. The doctor informs her that she has gastritis and tells her to rest the next few days, and to take over the counter medicine for the discomfort. Due to the lack of information given the patient begins to take Naproxen, the only pain reliever they have at home, which further damages her stomach. What did the doctor fail to do?

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Patient D is having a risky heart surgery. The doctor begins to inform the patient of the benefits the surgery can have to the patients quality of life but is hesitant to inform them of the risks in fear that the patient will back out. What should the doctor do according to the patient bill of rights?

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Henry Ford Hospital in Jackson requires that Nurse aids take vitals on all their patients at 0800, 1200, and 1600 no matter the patients diagnosis. What Right is Henry Ford Hospital maintaining in doing so?

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Patient E is at the dentist for their six month cleaning. At the end of their appointment they ask the front desk when they can schedule their next cleaning with the same dentist. In order to maintain patient bill of rights how should you as the scheduler respond?

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Patient F is in the hospital for a sore throat cause by their chemo. Their nurse has just given a dose of acetaminophen as ordered by the doctor. Why would the doctor proscribe acetaminophen if it will not minimize the patients cancer and help them in the long run?

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Patient G has decided that they want a second opinion on their diagnosis and want to be treated at a different facility. What right is patient G exercising?

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Can a patient be billed without an explanation of charges?

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Patient H has stage four breast cancer. The doctor has explain to the patient that they will need a mastectomy and chemo in order to better their chances of living longer. Patient H does not want to go through with treatment. The doctor has fully explained what will happen without treatment and the patient understands. Does the patient have the right to refuse a treatment that could prolong their life?

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Patient I has many questions for her doctor regarding her treatment plan. Patient I decides to call her doctors office to get answers but Patient I's doctor is currently busy. In order to maintain the patients right to receive prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests how should the medical assistant taking the call respond to the patients questions?

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Patient J is new to america and can only understand some English. They brought their sister in to interoperate but the healthcare provider is concerned that patient J's sister is not relaying the information to Patient J. What can a care provider do to ensure their rights are met fully?

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Patient K has early onset Alzheimer's. Patient K's doctor would like to try an experimental drug in hopes of slowing down progression. After the doctor has explained all information on the drug and that it is experimental to the patient and patients guardian. They decide to go through with the drug. Did the doctor do everything correct to ensure the patients right to be informed if a treatment plan is experimental was met?

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